The Life & Times Of Miskaj

This is a site that kind of is my Diary or thoughts and feelings that I have. The loves and losses and gains in my life and true stories about happenings in my life.

Location: Iowa, United States

Well I feel that "be it ever so humble, there's NO place like home"! My home and heart is in Kentucky and always will be! Now, where do I begin? Well, I am 58 yrs. old. Live in the great United States. Thank GOD! I am a Mother of 7 (four lost early and my son at 19 1/2 yrs.) but I have two lovely daughters and six beautiful grandies! I learned "grandies" from my Australian friend! I am very happily married for nearly 21 years now to a GOD-send, soul mate! I was born, as I said, in Ky. and I now live in the midwest of the U.S.